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Get back gig from pause status


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Hi guys. I accidentally received an order from a client for a gig which I never take in consideration and I had to change the table pricing so I put it in paused around 3 days ago.

I have edited now and it’s perfect, I would just have my gig back from paused but I am not able to see any button as “pubblish” or “put active”.

How should I proceed?
Would you give your honest opinion about my gigs? I had 3 orders in 3 months!

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I see you want to publish a gig that is paused right now.

Here are the steps you can follow to activate it again.

First make sure you are browsing fiverr as seller.

  1. Click on the gig menu at the top
  2. Click the tab “PAUSED”
  3. Select the gig that you like to activate
  4. Look for activate button just above the gig, if you see it click on “ACTIVATE” and your gig will be published
  5. If you don’t see the “ACTIVATE” option sometimes it didn’t showed for me. click on the right small arrow from the gig you like to activate
  6. Click on “ACTIVATE” from dropdown

Your gig should be activated by now.

I created this explanation video below .

Let me know if you are still having problem I will be happy to help



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