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Why was the Gig Analytics N/A topic closed when the issue has not been solved

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Why was the Gig Analytics N/A topic closed when the issue has not been solved ? Why would Fiverr close down the only platform they created for sellers to show their grievances ? I’m sure they’ll close this topic too. It’s just sad how sellers are treated.

Why was the Gig Analytics N/A topic closed when the issue has not been solved ?

It may have been because of how many responses there were in the thread. At a certain number, the thread is automatically closed.

Or it could be because many Forum users did not read the information that said, ⬇️

We’re working on getting your Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views back online. No worries - your Gigs are active, and all the metrics are calculated as usual.

Instead, posters repeatedly complained that the gig analytics not showing was the cause of their gigs not appearing at the previous place in the search that they once had. Or they blamed the lack of gig analytics for them not having any sales. They correlated the disappearance (incorrectly) as the reason for their gigs having these issues—repeatedly.

However, the gig analytics disappeared about the time that COVID 19 went crazy, and many people turned to freelance work and Fiverr to earn money. Therefore, there is more competition on Fiverr for orders, especially in crowded niches.

Also, any user who has worked on Fiverr for long knows there are an ebb and flow to your orders and your gig placement in the search pages. There are even threads on the Forum where sellers have checked each other’s gig placement and found them to be on various pages. So, where you see your gig another seller or buyer may see it in a completely different place.

Even TRS’s have been here to complain of their gig placement in the search results. This issue began long before the gig analytics disappeared. The simple truth is that just because you once were on the first page of the search results, you are not guaranteed that placement.

Sorry, I rambled on a bit. 🙃

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Forum Moderators have turn off the topics for new comment, we already have 500 replies on the issue, unless Fiverr fix the bug there isn’t anything we can do on the this issue. To get information you can read the entire topic.

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