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New Voice over Gig. Seeking critiques


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Hi People,

It is very tough out there right now. And I am one of the hundreds (thousands?) on here who have no stats. However, personally I’ve gone through the despondency phase and am out the other side into the ‘Raring to Go again’ phase 🙂

So I’ve created a new Voiceover Gig (for Explainer/Narration videos) and would love your helpful comments.

To me helpful means please say what you think is good, but also point out anything you think could be improved.

I’m relatively new here and am not sure if I am allowed to post a link. I’ll post it anyway, and then if someone tells me I have done the wrong thing, I apologise in advance and I will remove it or do whatever is required:


The Gig is the one called ‘I will deliver a british male explainer voiceover within 24 hrs’

Thank you very much, I appreciate it!


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