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So, wait, does fiverr also take percentage from the tips?


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I frequently get tips and I JUST REALISED that fiverr takes a fee out of that too. Which makes sense as technically you could scam fiverr by telling the seller to leave a huge tip (if it was not fee touched) and then only sell them a $5 gig and get that huge tip in the wallet, so I guess that’s why they fee it as well, but like ethically… Imagine at a coffee shop your manager comes and takes his fee out of the tips people left you 😃

Legit, I wish they were at least more chill and maybe made a setting where you can leave 5/10/20 tip or something and seller actually gets it.

As a buyer, I think I’m tipping this cool seller for their awesome job, but turns out I’m tipping fiverr. Lol.

This is so shady!

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Yes, Fiverr take 20 percent of everything - including tips.

I have no problem with that as they provide the platform that allows us to advertise and sell our services, etc.

And as you’ve said, it’s probably deliberate that they take 20 percent from tips as well in order to stop buyers and sellers arranging private deals to try and get around the system.

I wouldn’t call it shady. And as I say, I don’t have a problem with it… although I can understand why sellers feel a bit disappointed as a tip is of course a thank you.

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