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I want opinion about auto order and it's cancellation


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Hi everyone,
I hope you are doing good.
I have a question in mind. When you have orders running in your gig and few buyers are too old or tricky so they choose top gig and they place auto order with lots of requirements in the basic gig. where the basic gig is for a simple issue that is written in my gig. So when I explain to them that basic gig only for single-issue then they reply if you can fix then fix it otherwise refund. So I am bound to give a refund while we can’t agree with the price. As a result, the gig cancellation is creating an effect on the order complete ratio that’s why losing the seller level.
So what do you think Fiverr should consider this issue and it should not impact on order complete ratio?
I have completed 1050+ orders so if my seller goes down then my earning goes down. Hope Fiverr will consider this issue if you give upvote.
So write your opinion, please.
Thanks in advance

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Guest humanissocial

I’ve complained about this to Fiverr, too.

Sellers shouldn’t be penalized for buyers’ mistakes and disrespectful behaviour. But we routinely are.

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Brother you can open a ticket also fiverr understand the problem sellers are facing.

Okay Brother i will do that as well. Even i will tell some of my friends to open ticket who are facing the same problem. And brother you should also post on fb so that your follower who are facing the same problem they can open ticket about that issue as well…

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