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  1. Just keep working and provide your best to your clients. Good luck
  2. If after change to online and after save it and if its still make it back to offline dont worry try after sometime
  3. make it online from the drop down. nothing to worrie about
  4. from fiverr support center said we can send screenshots
  5. congratulations. great achivement
  6. Hello Fiverr people, hope you are all doing great. i have some questions about link sharing. As i am a web developer i always suggest hosting to my clients and i share my referral link with them. Will it create any problem in future if i continue sharing my hosting referral link with my client in inbox or order page? Another question is about the work sample link share. lots of clients want to see my previous work or sometimes I need to send them website demo link so that they can choose from it. will that create a problem if there contain none of my info?
  7. i am going to sell my phone. i will reset everything. if anyone buy my phone and use his fiverr account to a different network will it create any problem to my account?
  8. Better You can customize canva image with your info and make it unique.
  9. as i told you that if there is any contact info that owns you. then u shouldn’t share with you clients
  10. Hope you will start getting orders soon. thank you
  11. that mean fund clear instant but it take 1% charge from your totall amount
  12. There is nothing to do, just wait and keep working and send buyer request daily. it will get back its rank again. good luck
  13. Changing gig image can hamper your gig ranking. there is nothing to do, just wait and keep working and send buyer request daily. it will get back its rank again
  14. You can not share any links that contain your contact information or something.
  15. its looks like bug or something but its good from my end. you can try another browser. or it will be fix autometically.
  16. Hey @pro_editiors sorry to hear that you are not getting any orders. Your profile looks good. You should check your gig keywords becouse thats help for your gig seo and its really important. you should select the right keywords for your gigs. keep sending buyer request and so some social media marketing of your gigs. hope you will get orders. good luck
  17. yeah nobody knows whats the requirements to get trs.
  18. Try another number. hope that will work for you.
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