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Genuine gig improvement request. Not negative. Not a Whinge. Not a Moan


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Hi People, I finally got a Voiceover Gig up on Fiverr about a week ago. No sales yet, but it’s early days and I have just making small improvmenets almost every day like adding a video, improving a graphic, tweaking the text etc.

It seems like many, many people who are new sellers on Fiverr and waiting for a sale, get very negative very quickly. I’d rather be positive, keep working at it, read the official Fiverr advice, and listen to advice from people on the Forum who have been on the Fiverr scene much longer than me. And I recognise that in addition, I assume this is the worst time in Fiverr’s history to be starting as a Newbie on Fiverr.

That being said, it does seem like many, many people have to wait for weeks and often months to make their first sale. But I imagine it becomes a bit easier after the first sale because both the Fiverr algorhythms and people browsing will see that first sale has been made and then you might get ranked more highly, plus people will have more confidence to book you.

Anyhow, check me out and if something leaps out at you that you think could improve my GIg, leap in and let me know.

Anyone’s opinion is highly welcomed, but particularly if you are in the Voice Over world.

Stay Safe! Stay Positive! 👍


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