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If we get too sick to work heaven forbid


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During the past few years, I’ve used OOO mode for months at a time and never lost a level, even after the evaluations were introduced. In my experience, if you don’t have too many cancellations, messages you haven’t responded to, late deliveries or negative reviews now, there shouldn’t be any problem with your stats. They will fluctuate, depending on when you last had any of the aforementioned issues, but after your last delivered order gets completed and/or reviewed, the stats will no longer update until the next order gets completed and/or reviewed when you get back. That’s how it worked for me during the past couple of years. Same goes for messages. I’ve been away for months several times with all green stats even without delivering a single order or answering a single message. When I got back after a long break last year, I had 100% response rate. I got two messages soon after turning off the OOO mode, one was spam and I couldn’t reply, and the other was genuine so I responded, of course. The next day, my response rate was 50%, but since I had assumed something like that would happen, I waited until after the 15th that month to come back, otherwise I would have lost a level. As I received and replied to more messages, my response rate got back to normal in time for the next evaluation. So, my advice is, if you have to leave, try to time your return so you have enough time to get back on your feet if your stats do take a hit. But here’s hoping you don’t get sick at all, let alone too sick to work.

Of course, all this only works if your stats are green and relatively stable before you leave, and if you get enough traffic and orders when you get back.

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