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Oh my, oh my


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So it does happen, I know.

People copying other people’s gigs.

And when I say copy, it’s actually more like stealing.

Stealing people’s photos. Exact same description.

It has happened to me twice, and I have read it so many times here at the forum.

Then today, I was looking through Fiverr hoping to find some cool new gigs, and I come across this

certain gig. The photo looked VERY familiar, but the seller’s name was different.

I clicked on it, looked through the photos, and read the description.

WOW. I am so darn sure I have seen this gig before, given by a TRS.

I went to check her gigs, compared the description, and bingo, exactly the same.

I sent a message to the TRS right away. Hopefully she’ll get things fixed.

Seriously, people… :-S

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Reply to @madmoo:

Not a problem at all, if another person found my gig being copied, I would

like to be notified right away too!! :ar!

I do work hard for my gigs, I’m not gonna have some copy cat ruin that.

And yup, I actually noticed 2 other gigs from the other fake seller’s list.

I’ve seen those 2 getting featured, plus I have ordered a gig from one of

them before.

I guess my gig might get copied again too,

I think I will have to keep an eye out!

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I’m glad to learn how you two TRSs are handling this because I’m having it happen quite frequently. Some are using my exact description, some are copying my gig photo.

One person blatantly stole my image. I had to send a message to that seller because that was just wrong to me. Fortunately, they removed it. But then, they turned around and lifted another seller’s image. SMH

I’m now realizing that I will have to watermark my images going forward even if it makes them not look as good.

Thanks for this post.

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I am on Fiverr for only 2 months now, but I had experience with this… The guy copied my whole description (and part of my friends description) and he is already selling pretty good. When people ask for business plan they can see us both on the top (he is few spots down) and he is my direct competition. Don’t know what to do…

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Reply to @vstefan:

If you are 100% sure that it has been copied, one thing you can do is to

message him saying that you know that your description has been copied,

and ask him to change it. There are many gigs where they offer business plans though, and I guess it would be hard to avoid some overlapping.

Is the gig title exactly the same? Or just the description?

Did he use someone else’s image?

If the guy has copied the gig title, the description AND your image, I’m sure you can report him. If it’s copying and pasting here and there, it might be hard to convince CS.

However if this other guy already is making sales, I guess in a way he has already worked his way up, and it’s not just the gig description that is attracting buyers, I guess he is actually doing a pretty good job.

It might be faster if you just change your description and make it sound even better. IF the other guys copies that too, THEN you can really report him!

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Reply to @madmoo:

I went to the “fun&bizarre/ your message on” section, and I saw your gig and

the fake seller’s gig right under yours. It made me sick, how dare he/she be up there at the top with other featured/TRS sellers who has worked hard!

I admit, I wish my clothesline gig was at the top too and I do feel jealous towards

the sellers who tends to be featured quite often, but dang, with that fake seller’s

gig being placed higher than mine…I wish I can just stick my hand in the screen and

pull that one out.

I hope CS contacts you soon!!

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@zeus777 : This thing has happened to me too! I offer logo design services to people. Till now I have caught two such sellers who have copied my gig description(Completely!), And the worst part, when I asked them to change their gig description they acted as if they are innocent and didn’t knew that. One of them even told me that I should be proud that people are copying me, just can’t believe that 😮

I believe that Fiverr should make a policy to completely ban such sellers, so that no one dares to do this thing.

After all your gigs are your identity on fiverr.

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OK, another situation here.

I was doing a search to check if another seller has copied my gig or not ( and thank god, there’s none for now) , and then BOOM, I see 2 gigs on the search page, RIGHT next to each other, SAME photo, SAME gig title, and SAME description. The “real” seller is a level 2, the other seller just joined a while ago. I sent a message to the seller right away.

People might say it’s none of my business, but in a way it is. Well, at least for me.

But seriously, come on people… :-S

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zeus777 said: I don't mind people getting "inspired" by my work as long as they add their own taste/style to the

gig, but there is a clear line between copy and inspire.

That is exactly how I feel too.

There are a lot of people on Fiverr offering similar services.

So I can understand that some people find it difficult to come up with original gigs or gig description.

However, they should never blatantly copy existing gigs.

After reading your stories, I too will be on the look - out for copycats.



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