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Seller ransom SCAM - beware!


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I have been using fiverr as a buyer since 2017. There are fantastic sellers and some a bit otherwise sellers. But one generally users level 2 and up, price point and review dependant.

Today I experienced something that was very un-necessary on many levels.

Screenshot 2020-03-14 at 18.56.231260×988 51.2 KB

The order was straight forward enough, level2 seller and should have been as described.

After placing order, I supplied all necessary detail in document to continue with project. i.e. site map, content, hosting details, pages requested, instruction and template, plugins and CMS pre installed on hosting, ready to go.

The seller was silent for sometime

12 Hours after order placed, the following unfolded.

This seller proceeded to hold hosting details to ransom, up-sell the gig ordered. I did not comply to demands and he proceeded to delete entire hosting directory, effecting 5 other ongoing projects. Projects cancelled, thank goodness. However, malicious damage was done and this was very unprofessional behaviour.

This was a huge waste of time, energy and very un-necessary, especially from a level two seller.

Beware of this up-sell SCAM and don’t get caught like I was. Thank goodness for back-ups.

The sellers link *********.

Do not use this seller, stay away!!!

Mod Note: 📋 It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller. You may send the username to Customer Support if the user has actually violated the Fiverr Terms of Service, but the public forum is not the right place forrname call-outs.


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