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No orders Nowadays fiverr can somebody give me some advice


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This is my advice to get more orders.

Optimizing Your Gig’s Content

Here’s how to create a Gig that will take center stage and help you stand out from the rest.

The right words can attract the right customers. Here’s what you’ll need to optimize your content:

A clever, concise title
This is your first impression. It’s what shows up in the search, so incorporate the most relevant keyword in your title so that your service will appear in the search results. Also, your Gig title starts with, “I will,” so make sure it’s followed by a strong verb.

Tag yourself
Browse your subcategory to see what the most common keywords are for your service. Then make sure you add the relevant search tags to your Gig.

Describe what you offer
This is the section where you make the case for yourself as a Fiverr seller. Be clear about what you offer, the added value you bring to your service, your skills, and what distinguishes you from others in your field. This is also where you should mention the type of service you aren’t willing to do. Avoid repeating information that you’ve provided in other sections of your Gig.

When relevant, specify what languages, platforms, and software you will use. Don’t forget to include keywords that your target customers will look for. Mention your turnaround time as well.

Give them all the answers
To ensure it’s a perfect match between you and a customer, include FAQs about your services. This way, there’s no confusion as to what you will deliver.

Use a template in your Gig requirements
To save time, set expectations and avoid misunderstandings: lay out all your requirements so your customers can specify exactly what they need. Make sure your requirements cover everything you need to start working on the order.

Source: Seller Help Center

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