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It’s not the clicks that are important, it’s the conversion. Thus, directing traffic to your gig isn’t the best use of time, unless you’re targeting people who would want to buy your services. Likewise, favorites are like bookmarks. They’re just an easy way to find a gig later, not a boost in visibility.

This is a common rumor that circulates, but no proof, thus the best way to get orders is to know your target market and go to them.

As for where to market, it again depends on your target audience. This will take research to find the best places for your gigs.

This might help:

If you are experiencing difficulties in getting orders or are struggling because of the amount of competition there is, then this post is for you. Below I will give some methods which will help you to expand your target market and so increase your sales volume. This post is part of my UPYOUR series based on This Poll and aims to help sellers to deal with issues related to the following three parts of the poll: Too many sellers offer the same thing - 51%I don’t show up in the search results -…
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