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This is my experience and I'm not happy about it


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Please help me. I keep having bad experiences. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a bad buyer or I just keep dealing with bad sellers. Here are three of my most recent experiences.

  1. I recently hired someone to design a logo. They had 20 reviews and a 4.8 rating. The artwork they had for their gigs was amazing. The artwork shown on their reviews were just as colorful and creative. When delivery time came they presented me with a one color logo using generic font. They then proceeded to send me several logos that contained the same exact font and color scheme as other logos presented in their gig. After making them aware their gig says they create unique images and dont recycle fonts of graphics they agree to cancel the gig. They then delete the gig and repost it without the logos that contain the same font they tried to present to me.

  2. Earlier today I hired someone for graphic design(53 reviews, 4.7 rating, and a claim of 4yrs experience). I created a 4"x5" template file with an 1/8" black border. The gig was to replace the black border in the template with this steel and rivet pattern. On the left is their work. On the right is the pattern they were supposed to use.

    The Armory Logo556×575 170 KB
  3. As I was writing this post I think to my self “I’m so tired of hiring people based off their wonderful gig pictures only to receive work that is below my own skill level.” So I decide to involve my friend and her opinion on a past gig I hired someone for. I show her a gig that followed the same story, awesome graphic on the gig itself but the delivery looked nothing like their gig. I say “Does this look like one of the characters from any of the anime you watch?” She immediately says “Thats Kung-Fu Panda.” Right there it hits me. That’s why the delivery provided looks nothing like the artwork on their gig because all the characters on their gig were drawn by the artists at dreamworks studios.

So help me out here. I’m tired of wasting my time and energy on Fiverr only to repeatedly have such poor results 🙁. Am I just ranting about nothing? Or does it sound like I’m mentioning legitimate or well known problems on Fiverr? Am I doing something wrong? Any opinions or criticisms would be greatly appreciated.

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It can be both sides, it’s still hard to judge…
I can’t really understand what’s happening on the picture of your second order though, it’s quite low quality and looks cropped.
That also will be great to see a logo comparisons if you still have pictures left.

However your worries might be legitimate. It’s an international platform and sellers from different countries have different work ethics. (We are not going to point fingers because there is always exception with high work ethics even from those countries)

Quite often we see even on the forum sellers coming and asking to review their gigs only for us to find out that they are using stock images or fully stolen images. Which is totally unacceptable and if those accounts are reported fiverr is taking actions to punish them or even ban those accounts. However daily it might be created more than 10000 gigs and it’s quite difficult to track and check every and each of them.

My advice will be

  1. to chat with sellers prior to ordering
  2. If it’s a gig with visuals you can screenshot their images and run google image search to check if those are not stolen images.
  3. It’s better to choose higher priced gigs that are closer to market rate. I know it might be tempting to get the work done for a very cheap price of 5-50$ but that’s not the market rate for most services and chances that you’ll get poor quality are very high.
    Again there are always exceptions and sometimes even for 5$ you can get great work but you’ll have to be very lucky and do a lot of research.
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