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Un-indexed ? indexed ? getting confused


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Hey, Fiverr. I have a little issue…

on Feb 18 my gig has been promoted i think. I have reached page 2 in the recommended section. I started getting orders and since i have been doing like 50 orders but slowly my gig performance stats went down, even if i did not go late, even if i have delivered before promised, Even if most of my customers left me 5 stars with tip, my gig still went down. Last night i have modified a bit my gig description and today all my stats went to 0 - no views, no impressions, nothing.


this is my gig. It was also indexed when searching " logo design " on page 1 -2 -3

now it is not. I can find it when searching on Fiverr normal mode but in incognito, i can’t find it at all…

let me know guys/gals if this has happened to you and what should i do to find a way to recover my gig.

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