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My gig is not selling HELP ME


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Best Tips I’ve learn so far:
1: try to create all gigs (with level 0 account, you can create 7 gigs. so try to create all 7 gigs)
2: write an attractive description.
3: Offer fair rates.
5: promote your gig out of fiverr as much as you can (use social media platforms, forums, blogs etc)
6: Send Buyers Requests from here: (you can send 10 buyer requests everyday. try to use all of them.)
7: Stay online.keep fiverr tab open in your browser. and try to reload it time to time.
8: Improve your skills.
9: keep patient and stay constant.
You are a new member yet. I got my first order after 4 years. so it can take time. don’t panic and keep trying.

Good Luck.

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