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Buyer is not sending - What they want to Revise!


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I have an order few days ago !
The task was to make an video advert !
I made the video with english subtitles !
I made it and buyer was very satisfied only thing we have to do in revision is just that they want to convert Text from English to Dutch !(We already discussed this process of conversation before starting order)
So for that Buyer wrote in the Revision page that he will be back soon with the language conversation !
Now It’s been 5 days, the buyer gets online everyday but not responding to any of my message !

I am really confused with what to do now !

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Hi @krushang3031, you will need to contact Fiverr support to asses the problem you are currently facing with him. If possible ask them to cancel the order 🤓

Hello @sidorissimomike,

I have contacted them and explain all these.

They are currently reviewing this.

Thank only thing I am scared for is about my Order Completion!!

The buyer was very good and give me 5 Star ratings in the past !

And I am ready to give them revisions until their satisfaction. It’s just that I need the language converted because I don’t know dutch language !

Hopefully I can get some positive and good solution!

Thank you for writing @simering.

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