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  1. high reviews, 2nd level and pro level or for sellers like you
  2. First you need a competition strategy and a way to make your gig look more professional
  3. Hey there, Yes it does but only for high ranked buyers. What I do recommended is that they pay for only lesson. And if you offer more lessons and the users fails to come for the lesson, than its his mistake and you can deliver the order.
  4. No you cannot, only until the delivery is done
  5. Yes unfortunately that isnt available…
  6. It means how long will you manage the account if you are doing social medai
  7. Definitely it can be! However all communication is through Fiverr
  8. Thats fine, usually depends on how your gigs are reviewed and if the services are needed.
  9. That I cant say. Its really luck at some times
  10. It will take you like months to get a sale bud. I am lvl 2 and I have been here for more than 6years. To make a lot of sales takes time, reviews and good niche services.
  11. Yeah hahha, She just been retrenched from Estee Lauder companies, which she was working 23 years for them
  12. Hello all Fiverians, I would like to ask, my mother wants to work on Fiverr like me. But we live in the same house, is this possible to have 2 accounts on the same IP.adress? Best regards Michael
  13. @balajikannan03 Yes that sounds like spam. No details and just seems like done fast with no professional attributes
  14. Hey there, it all depends on how you structure your message. If you make it look like spam, then they will not read it. Especially you need reviews on your gig to beat other competitors
  15. Hi @huiyingtan , it seems that a client may be milking you for more work which quite seems that you arent getting paid for enough holding onto for so long. I recommend that deliver the order and wait for the client to either take the order as is, but should be noted that there is a 3 day limit before the order is automatically accepted by the client himself. If the client will want revisions, he will have to pay for more revisions or ask before the timer runs out.
  16. The order will accept it itself and will be marked as done after 3 days if he doesnt resond
  17. USA and UK/EU. It also depends what niche you are in
  18. Actually a lot of us are getting a lot of work now
  19. More about your expertise what software you use. Maybe a small video about your gig
  20. Looks very unprofessional to me. You need to edit your pictures to look professional and communicate value. You cannot put there “order now” everyone hates that
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