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My gig got only one view in one week


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Hello! I’m sorry if this topic is not in the right place, I don’t know well about community forum so please accept my apology.

So basically I have created three gigs about creating Logo Designing in March.

In start I got many orders with gigs views click impression etc, on my first gig, but now since 2 month I am not getting order and also 0 views impression I don’t know what I do.

So I’m curious why my gigs are not getting any views or orders. It has been a full day now and the numbers didn’t change.

you guys can check it out and tell me what’s wrong with it. Am I missing something or does it take time to get views, Impressions and orders?
Really need help ASAP

Thank you for taking your time reading this!

You can see here screenshot…

aaaa1073×555 33.4 KB
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