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New Sellers are you feeling lonely

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Hi respected members How are you doing?
I am new here and fiverr have many new sellers for its beautiful environment. But when I first get a step in and do all the necessary work and then start discovering here I just felt lonely here but then I found the forum and here we are now we can have a conversation and not feeling that way again. So I welcome you to this great environment for sellers have to hope we can be a family here.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Don’t forget to welcome me too I am also new here 😀

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Thank you for appreciation. Sir


I can give you some tips who are new sellers, i hope that you will get success.

  • Create a unique and professional gig title with profitable keywords
  • Set a gig picture which can impress the buyers and the image has to be neat and clean, high resolution
  • Share your gig social media like twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, pinterest etc
  • To get more buyer request set your skills properly and nice overview to your profile.
  • Finally wait, do work hard , try to acquire new skills and try to stay active online 24 hours.

Some tips for you.

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