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  1. It’s very disappointing as a new seller. But try to hard work and keep patient. You can bid on 10 job posts daily. I hope if you try few days I think you will get a job very soon. And you can share your gigs to your own social channel have a good day. Thank you
  2. Welcome to fiverr forum. Have a good day. You can share your gig to your own social channel. Have a good day. Thank you
  3. If that is the case suggest you stop: So I think. This waring come to me because people use auto refresher addon. So we have to remove it. And I think my account safe.
  4. There you go! You’ve been spamming. All you need to do is stop spamming. Simple. Oh thank you. But how??
  5. Yes. I know. But I want to know. why I got this notice. Can you tell me. Why people get this warning??
  6. I don’t know where my problem. I using my fiverr account very carefully. I know very good fiverr roles and condition. I think. I’m a seller. I have very good history with client communications.
  7. What exactly did the message say? Very simple. Your account banned temporary. The number of requests you have made to this website has exceeded the rate limit. If you require assistance, please contact Customer Support
  8. I checked my email but I don’t get mail from Fiverr. But I send a mail to Fiverr customer support.
  9. I using my Fiverr account very normally. But suddenly I get a notice. Your account banned temporary. I don’t know why?? Anyone can help me?
  10. Welcome to fiverr forum. You have to learn about fiverr role. I hope you will get good suggestion. Have a good day. Thank you
  11. No. I’m not rude. My behave is really good with the client. And I’m really careful with client work. And I told the client to give your site link first then I will start the order. I’m a web developer ( WordPress ). So website link is really important. But he doesn’t want to give the link. I told him I need full details first then we can start work. I have to fully clear on job details.
  12. Thank you for give me good update. Now I teling you why I got this warning. Few days ago a client given a message and I tell him I can’t start work right now. That’s why don’t want to start a order. And then he reported.
  13. Hi, anyone can tell me why this warning to me?? Screenshot_101647×805 37.4 KB
  14. Welcome to fiverr forum. Have good day Thank you
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