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My original name or other name


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I started as a You Tuber with the freelancing, and on my every social profile, i have my name as Jim Tvee. (My original name is Abdul Muqeet).
Now as i’m going to open my Bank Account and related stuff, someone says, your freelancing name should be your original name…
I’m now worried about this, is there anything like i will face bank transfer and other identity issues?
Please Guide me about this…

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If you are going to open a bank account you need to use your real name as ID is often, if not always checked.

You can use a different name as your freelancing name.

definitely, for bank account, i will use my original ID name, so my freelancing name will not bother me…

thanks a lot 🙂

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I will be better if you open your bank account by your real name. Because when you will withdraw your money fiverr will check, is everything is okay or not?

Youtube name is not a big deal. If you want you can change it anytime.

Bank Account’s name Will be Original as ID, I’m talking about my Fiverr name…

See My Name is (Abdul Muqeet), and i use my name as a Video Editor for every social Profile, as (Jim Tvee)…

Now You mean i should change it from “Jim Tvee to ABDUL MUQEET”.

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You can give your username whatever you want.

  1. Fiverr name shuld be your real name as id
  2. User name (you can give your user name whatever your want)

yeah! while setting the bank account with fiverr, i will use my original name everywhere… don’t worry and thank you! 🙂

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