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Not getting orders properly


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I am a seller on Fiverr. I have a gig of lyrical video. I am not getting an order. I just get 2-3 orders monthly. Suddenly it dropped from the last 3-4 months. Any suggestion. If demand for lyrical video is low then, any suggestion which is good category to start with a few a reviews for a good number of orders. My livelihood is depended on Fiverr. All suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

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Lyric Videos are/were a fad and knowing musicians well, they all want the world for nothing and are increasingly doing it themselves (some DAWs are including it as a feature :sigh:).

You need to work out if they are on the wane and if so drop your price or push it sky-high & be the best, most amazing Lyric Vid maker on the planet so you get the few real jobs left out there.

Also look to see if there is a way to be in-front of whatever the next fad will be. My 2 cents is that it will be in genuine human emotions (as lyric vids are about faux) so work out how to do that. Maybe you can build a team of actors and do classic M-TV style vids that don’t look like they were made on Fiverr for $5???

Are you going places where the sorts of people who buy videos are hanging out? I don’t think I have seen anyone like you on KVR or Drooble… Not that those places are good for getting any paid work as they all want free.

Good luck

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