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Tips for writers to get more jobs and better results :)


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Writers are VIP’s when it comes to the internet. As every website on the internet needs content on its pages, so writers are on the No.1 position in the checklist of the website owner. So the scope is obviously quite large. Now if you belong to the writer’s creed on Fiverr then there are certain ways to get more job and provide excellent work to the buyers:

  1. Well if you think you are not a writer right now then the first step towards is to read. Read novels, stories etc. and observe the creativity and way of presenting things. Then at the end of the day write something and the best way is to write a diary page. With time your writing skills will surely enhance.

  2. Now when you are ready, set up a gig with a description which gives the buyer a clear picture of what will he/she be getting from you. Don’t try to bluff things because your writing will speak for itself which is the truth and will give a present of Bad reviews. So be presentable and honest with the description.

  3. Now if you get the job and your buyer has given you the instruction and by chance you know about that topic with a moderate stock of knowledge, then don’t write the whole article just on your knowledge or creativity. Research is the element which has to be done before writing up the whole articles because with deep knowledge of the topic you will produce an article which will be very informative and hence useful for the buyer.

  4. If you have zero knowledge about the topic then spend 2-3 hours or more to understand the whole topic clearly with the help of informative pages online, before writing a single word. But remember, NOT to use the facility of copy and paste here, because the content has to be UNIQUE, as uniqueness is what the buyer needs the most to get better results.

  5. Finally, don’t take the work as completed until the buyer is satisfied because the positive reviews are the stairs to the better results for yourself.

    So best of luck with the gig and any other tips are welcome 🙂
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