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Gig Denied For (unknown) TOC violation


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I had a gig on fiverr (keyword research) that did quite well for three months, orders were coming in and I made a solid $3-400/month. They just sent me an email out of the blue:

We are sorry, but your gig ‘do A Thorough KEYWORD Research In Your Niche And Provide The 10 Most Lucrative Keyphrases With Explanation’ did not pass our moderators’ review. The reasons are:

Your gig potentially violates 3rd party copyrights or trademarks


I asked them what was the problem, the answer was:

Sheana - Fiverr’s Customer Support Team (Fiverr Customer Support)

Dec 15 14:54 (IST)

Thank you for your message. It appears that your gig was denied for violating 3rd Party Copyright and cannot be approve, sorry 😦 I do suggest to try to create a new and more unique gig.

Thank you, but I got that from your email. No explanation, nothing. I’ve lost all the testimonials, what’s more if I create a new gig, I have to promote it from scratch plus I don’t even know what I did wrong? I can’t avoid it next time.

I’ve read somewhere in the forum that others have had the same problem but some of them got his gig reinstated. Any experience with this? Customer service doesn’t seem to be too helpful. 😦

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Guest tn5rr2012

This seems to be an issue and needs to be take up with Customer Support, sometimes there are glitches with the system and then sometimes it is warranted

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Guest onecreativegeek

They should at least offer you to “edit” your gig to correct what was wrong. A pure denial of a three month old gig where everything is lost just stinks. If we can’t mention things like PHOTOSHOP then I better quickly go edit my own gigs! Is that a true statement?

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Hi guys,

You are absolutely terrific, thank you for the support and the help!

We are standing here: after a few messages and old school Customer Service trick popped into my mind (being a former CS employee): I asked the representative to put me through to a Supervisor. He was absolutely awesome and told me what was wrong: turns out I had copywrite material in the gig’s video. He was absolutely right and I apologized and asked him if it was possible to edit the gig and resubmit it to a review. And yes, he gave me the green light, so I can access my gig, I have to edit the desciption to make it as unique as possible and also I have to make a new video. Then they will put it through to their content editors who will review it again and decide hopefully for the best.

Thank you again!

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Thank you! The point is persistence and good manners I guess. Once I explained and got through to the Supervisor, I had the chance to make my point. I hope the gig will pass the review and everyone who is having the same problem will be able to sort out theirs.

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