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Help! This is still a big problem to many Fiverrians!


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I am still saying there should be a solution to this Fiverr problem I presented here before: Why Is Fiverr Doing Nothing About This Serious Problem?

I don’t want to conclude that Fiverr, a company I respected so much far far before I joined its freelance network can be this insensitive to an issue that is plaguing their workers in their numbers.

You gave me a test, and I scored 9.2/10 (which is quite above average) and you think the next test you will serve me, is not to have an opportunity to prove myself for scoring that high? For me, it’s thoroughly unfair, and someone has to point it out. If you like, call me an activist, but I am only asking for the basic right things to be observed.

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So if you are talking again about buyer requests then your test score has nothing to do with it.
You can not request from fiverr to show you buyer requests if there is no requests from buyers.

It also depends on how many people post requests from the buyer side and sometimes it might be no one posting them.

So fiverr just physically can’t show you something that is not there.

Also bare in mind that the lower your level the less buyer requests you see and again it might be zero.

If you still believe there is a problem you can address it to fiverr customer support and they will answer to you.

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