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I’m in a dilemma with a buyer responsiveness


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My current buyer ‘***********’ came for a landing page creation. He or she no idea, human or robot replying?

As he/she has given me contents I made a landing page but didn’t like it. So I showed a him a example of landing page design and he/she liked that and agreed to work with that design.

One that design, I made his/her landing page but again not liking it at all.

I talked again to understand his/her business to reach his/her needs, it was about 2-3 hours of conversation And extended 2 days for no money. My intention is to successfully make him/her happy regarding landing page.

For 3rd time, I created his/her landing page and showed him yesterday. He/she said it’s better than before whether I did form, live chat options, mailing options extra which was not on landing page requirements in the beginning. Asked for hosting info to transfer and asked for anymore corrections if he/she has? Still waiting for hosting login details, I’m running out time.

I’m looking forward to making it a successful project but I have a bad feeling that this client may destroy my Fiverr business and my account motivation.

Sharing for a quick advice regarding this situation so that I can successfully impress him/her.

Thank you

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