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  1. Hello everyone, Working on Fiverr more than a year. My simple web design gig https://www.fiverr.com/s2/8c0040f014? Please help me grow in this platform. Best wishes to all, Ashraf Shahin
  2. Thank you for your time and important information regarding orders.
  3. I wrote that to contact me before placing an order. Is it enough?
  4. Hello everyone, How to deal with direct orders from a new buyer and no clear conversation before? As a seller it will badly affect our fiverr account if we cancel it. What measures can be required for this kind of situation? Thank you all Ashraf Shahin
  5. I’m facing similar kind of problem as well. My Response Rate was decreasing very quickly and fiverr authority help me and fixed that. But today I’m facing another issue, my Positive Rating suddenly decreased to 4.0 percent but it supposed to be 4.9 percent. I didn’t work by this time and had no rating at all which can affect and decrease my Rating. I believe it will be solved soon.
  6. Last month was very good. Alhumdulillah. Got lots of projects and also lost my level one 😐
  7. This is super important thing to show your previous works to your clients isn’t? Well, Clients usually ask for it in all business conversation I believe
  8. How do you prefer to show your works to your buyer when you are a website developer?
  9. Hello everyone, As a seller, we call get buyer request but after all our experiences we still might have some questions about what exactly we can share with our buyers? Please share some ideas => Can sellers share these information under fiverr TOS has no objections? Just listing some examples-> Our portfolio links?Portfolio website?Business portfolio page?Previously worked projects and their url links?Intro of yourself?Description of your service?Social media platforms accounts?Voice message might be better for understanding clients requirements because sharing mobile number is not working here?GDrive?dropbox? These type services?Email number that might fiverr monitor?Please everyone give me some idea. What we can share and what we can not. Best wishes, Ashraf
  10. I appreciate your compliments. Thanks
  11. All the best for your new business through this online community …
  12. You are welcome. I appreciate your compliments …
  13. Tips for new freelancers: You need to make your own gig basically… 1st- Do Some homework on the similar type of gigs we have in the market. 2nd- Identify your skills and mention those skills and qualities on your account as well as on the gigs. 3rd- write summarized and informative description 4th- Video would be a great idea 5th- Gig images must give the buyer a professional idea of your services 6th- detailed informative gig is valuable 7th- KEYWORD search for your services and keep those on your gigs 8th- Stay online 24/7 ; use apps as well as browses that may help you to be online 9th- Response rate is important, keep it on 1 hours 10th- Promote and share your gigs on Social media 11th- must response to all the relevant buyer requests 12th- Be humble and supportive to your clients 13th- support system is always 24/7 active for us to help us in the best manner. 14th- Finally, your skills, hard work and dedication will be the most important part of your success. Thank you
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