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Need orders please help


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Cy has some good advice for you.

Are you about to create a post about having no orders? Are bills piling up? Can you not afford to feed your children because of the downfall of your Fiverr career? If so, self pity will get you nowhere. What you need to do instead is take action. Last month was my worst month on Fiverr ever. This includes my initial time as a new seller back in 2014. I’m also going to just say it. When you start working on Fiverr and are successful, you often find that Fiverr starts to make up the bulk of your …
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first of all everyday active on Social media online after then day by day sharing your gig links on social media.and you see there your gigs is views and click here.and finally you’re many many order in fiverr.

Please can we stop the repeated (often copied and pasted) advice of: send 10 buyer requests every day share your gig on social media etc. etc. Sorry - I’m afraid it’s not useful to new sellers who often can’t see any buyer requests, so they can’t respond to them anyway. Using social media properly needs to be done to targeted followers etc. It’s no wonder that social media networks seem to be cracking down on Fiverr links and classing them as spam. If you’re going to use social media, pleas…
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