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What I Need To Increase To Level 2 and Top Rated


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Hello everyone,

I joined Fiverr over a year ago.

I have made good success selling my Gigs but am still a Level 1 seller.

I would like to know what to do to increase my selling level to Level 2 or Top Rates Seller as soon as


Please am sure more people will be interested in reading this discussion, so kindly

share your honest system that made you rated on top.

Thanks everyone.

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as @mintyone said high quality photos will help a whole lot better as well as adding videos to explain the gigs you offer. You need to keep the 100% gig rating as well as completing at least 50 orders in two months time to reach a level two seller. As for Top Rated Sellers they are selected. Check out levels to find out more!

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Looking at your gigs and profile, I would think you should be close to Level 2, and as anarchofighter above says, you should level up automatically.

Maybe you might think to invest in brushing up your gig order pages using other sellers services? For example, have a graphic designer create some original images for your gigs (I must confess, this is something I haven’t got round to myself yet, but I’m thinking of designing some stuff myself over Christmas, and I’m very conscious about how ‘attractive’ my gig order pages are).

You could maybe do with having your gig titles and descriptions brushed up, proofread etc. Remember that you’ve got 1,200 characters to work with.

For the gigs with no positive reviews yet, offer extras for the first few sellers to tempt them in (add this to your gig description, not title). And as above, videos probably help - that’s another one I’m still getting round to and again want to do in my own way.

The point I’m making is that you should basically spend time making your order pages look professional and appealing to buyers! You’re offering some good services and have got plenty of good feedback so I don’t think there’s any reason why you can’t get to Level 2 and onwards 🙂

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