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Need to change the category


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Hello friends,

I’m new to fiverr,

I have created seo gig, but, it is hard to do with my office work. and i’ need to create a new account with graphic designing. but i need to use the same email…

because my all social media profiles are created with current email. So, can i use same email to a new account after deactivate the current fiver account ?

Please help me ?


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Instead of creating a new account, just create a new Gig under your current account.

If you are heck bent on deactivating your current account, you would have to ask Fiverr customer service if you can delete that account and start over. If you are using the same email, it is likely you cannot.

The easiest way is to just add another Gig to your current profile. I think I understand what you are saying - that the current Gig you have SEO is not aligning with what you want to do on Fiverr now, which is graphic design. If you no longer want to supply SEO services, just delete THAT Gig or PAUSE it and create a new Gig under the graphic design category. No need to reinvent the wheel here.


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