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I'm new here ! :)


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i just started here, i’m a professional model and video animation designer too.

I just posted a gig with a video about me, how can i do to have traffic ?

Have I only to wait? They told me that with a video I will be more exposed here 🙂

If some one want to promote me and help me growing in this site, contract me with gigs lol,

Hope it will be a great experience for me, actually i have 2 agents, and it’s my first time i’m allowed to work by myself on the web :))))

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Welcome to Fiverr!

If you have social media accounts start posting your gigs there. From time to time I also purchase gig from other Fiverr members where they will post my gig on their website or social media.

If you look in the “Tips for Sellers” area you the top few posts are about promoting and improving your gigs.



Best of luck!

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Guest matt_garry

well I suggest you do a video of your self promoting your gigs instead of the flashly graphics. You have a following on facebook since you are a successfull model why dont you use your own page to promote it?

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I would also say that the one photo I did see of this model that was not shot by a professional photographer was grainy and not of high quality. This was for the Gig to write someone’s logo on your body. If I ordered and saw all the flashy graphics and pro pictures and then received a grainy webcam pic, I am not sure I would be too thrilled.

I also would advise that if you are really the model (not trying to insult, but have seen other pro models namesake taken to make money here by some 3rd party thief), instead of making a flashy intro vid, make a vid of you talking about what you will offer so that the potential client will see it is actually this model who will be doing the work. I have seen a few accounts here who have stolen images of models online and just did some fancy photoshopping.


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Reply to @genuineguidance: Hello, Genuineguidance

I understand your response, i’ll do a video of me talking directly about Fiverr, i’m the model here is my facebookfanpage : https://www.■■■■■■■■■■■■/yaniragutierrez.gutierrez?fref=ts

I worked more than 7 year with photoshop and aftereffects, cause i’m a model and photographer too.

Write me directly by message on Facebook, and you’ll see that is me.

I’ll post video gigs too very early.

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@kjblynx @voiceoverwork First off what’s with all the wanna-be mods lately over the forums? I understand you guys want to look like your ‘helping’ and acting like you know a lot - but it’s coming across as if you’re trying to be better than everyone, and acting like your above people. The fiverr mods are more than capable to do their job!

Anyway! Back on topic - I think your gigs look great @diegolitomatado. Maybe add some more, maybe one for anything Photoshop related since you mentioned you can use Photoshop as well. Also maybe get someone to translate your gigs from your native language to English, as some things on your gig descriptions sound a bit off - and doing this may attract more buyers.

Also add a video of you just talking to the camera, that usually works for a lot of people who model things on fiverr i’ve seen.

Good luck!

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