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Why Your Not Studio Eligible?


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Hi Fiverr’ss
Am I the only one who feels a little left out from not getting Studio Seller eligiblity yet?
I know it’s in Beta but there are a lot of folks in my catagory that have it. The only trend I see is the amount of reviews for the reasoning on getting (Hand Picked). I’ve kept a tight ship since I started a year ago, but no cigar.
And yes I’ve been extremely proffesional over that time.
Anyone else surprised they aren’t studio invited?

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I’m studio eligible, but not a lead. It was a bit confusing to get my head around this, but I looked at the webinar about it, and it seems everyone is handpicked.

This is a bit like with the “Fiverr Now” thing (or whatever it was called). I never received the option to activate it, even though many others in my category did.

As you say, it’s in beta, so they are only testing it out at the moment, and will probably roll it out to everyone who meets the requirements soon.

It would be stupid of Fiverr to roll this out to everyone right away, because the functionality and system - not to mention the very idea - must be tested, re-tested, evaluated, and improved, before it is launched on the entire platform.

This is just how businesses operate, so I wouldn’t feel left out just yet. But I know how you feel. I really wanted to try out the Fiverr Now thing when it came out, and I saw a bunch of VO talent getting it - but not me.

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