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My Experience with negative review on Fiverr


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Hello everyone,
This is a recent experience of mine on fiverr which I want to share with my fellow sellers…
I got an order from a buyer this month without any prior contact to write an article, for which I do not have a gig I wrote her article honestly and after the order is accepted automatically she again contacted me to write a new article for her for which I told her that I will not be able to write an article for her for mere$10, and it’s not the work that I do, she started to harass me with her threatening tone and when I tried to tell her not to do so, she blocked me and left me a review for that completed order. I didn’t give feedback assuming she must have given me a false review being a new seller trying to find out a way to stop that review coming on my profile.
I found in a blog stating that if I do not give a feedback reply it will never appear on my profile. After 2 days I saw fiver canceled that completed and accepted order without even giving me a reasonable opportunity of hearing and returning the money to the buyer. She left me a one-star totally false review about my work and conversation which showed up on my profile after 10 days, this review is an exception to my previous 21 reviews which I got till that time, this was the second order from this buyer to me. She left a good job review in that previous order which anyone can see below in my reviews. The buyer was rude, abrupt, and absolutely misbehaving. She wanted to dominate and influence me by her threatening tone of communication. She also tried to threat and exploit me by insisting to work for pennies for a huge amount of work.
I raise a request to fiver about this thing for which they replied they cannot remove that review because they do not have any option to do so.
Ultimately I left with nothing but a bad and completely false review even after doing a lot of hard work for that order which got canceled by Fiverr returning the payment to the buyer, My question and concern was when my order was canceled and I did not get any payment for that why this review is showing up on my profile and why should not the payment be returned to my account, if this buyer review has to be shown on my profile for which I have no relation as a seller to this buyer as no buyer and seller relation remains after the cancellation of the order and returning funds.
But honestly, I respect Fiverr because this platform is giving occupation to a huge amount of people including me and everyone should abide by this platform rules and regulations
Many Regards

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