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Why The Buyer Requests (active) are not Showing?


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Hello & Welcome everyone!

Its been a year since I’ve created my profile, but using it actively since the end of this July 2019, Got some issues, is what makes me away from it…

Anyways, My question is Why The Buyer Requests are not showing whenever I try to view it?

Also, I’ve just created my 3 gigs recently (THIS WEEK) Got good views so far, but not an order ( yeah i know I have to maintain patience )

But, I guess BUYERS REQUESTS are the important part of your progress to get orders.
Unfortunately , the lack of viewing active Buyer request is being an issue for me.

Yet It appears just a glimpse as I refreshed that window so far just for a 2/3 times since am being active, and if I refresh it again, it disappears…

Please shed some light of your precious experience on this matter, also all your advises are most welcome too 🙂

Best Regards,

Tanveer Z Khan.

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