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Thank you Fiverr [Motivation]

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Hi there! This thread might be a little long.

There have been many threads talking about things that Fiverr does wrong. One year ago, today, I created my first gig, little did I know that this would change my life. You see, I’ve complained about this platform numerous times, not getting enough orders, bad reviews, bugs, gigs on the last page. I was constantly getting these issues and always blaming it on Fiverr. In my mind, Fiverr always did things wrong, that I was totally innocent in all these situations.

A few days ago, I was so desperate that I was about to delete my gigs and just be done with Fiverr, after all, Fiverr was the issue here, right? Then I looked at my analytics and saw the number for net income. I never realized how much Fiverr changed my life. I never looked at the benefits of Fiverr, or what it did correctly. The amazing community it has built surrounding this idea of freelancing, the beautiful website it has built for us. Fiverr has changed many people’s lives including mine. I’ve been through a lot, gotten and lost Level 1 3 times, and eventually reaching Level 2, and some months only making 5% of what I usually make. When I started, I only had about 3 dollars in my bank account. Fiverr was my main source of motivation during those times. Don’t get me wrong, Fiverr is a company, and they make mistakes, sometimes literally ignoring their sellers. After all, Fiverr wouldn’t be a company without us, and we won’t have access to such an amazing platform without them.

So, if you are about to complain about something Fiverr did wrong, think about your mistakes.


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