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The order just cleared


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  • 1 year later...

i still havnt been paid and its coming on to three weks since my first order…proberbly more…plus they dont reply to your emails and this stupid customer service approach is for the retarded…i mean really the money they make and they can not offer a customer telephone service…this in it self sends up red flag.also the feedback system is set up to only appease fiverr because if you dont leave favorable feedback then the seller will diss you and ■■■■ up your feedback so you wont be able to order…i mean WTF how does that even make sence…plus all those traffic for your site sales and other crap are just the pits…twitter hits and facebook hits that will never earn you a sale on your website…to me its just internet bullshit and these pitsites keep appearing and turning into money wells for the owners

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