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How did I get my first order in just 1 week

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hi every one my name is vaishnav balan. my friends call me blan jr.actually i learned about is from youtube and i was eager to get payment by selling my service so i decided to create maximum gigs so that i tried several. i hoped that when i created gig i will get money easily .2 days passed then i started to look in the buyers request section but there no work or i didnt get it.then i started to search then i noticed that there were many new works which has less sellers so that i updated all my gigs to the new services also with the better description to impress and then i tried buyers request again miracle happens i got my first order and i got my second order because of their statisfaction and yesterday i withdrawed my balaence im giving my profile and you can see there gigs which was a fresh service in all categorymy profile you can check about its

any doubts msg me

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Welcome to the fiverr forum.

You can check fiverr tips category.You will get many tips their and those will help you to improve your profile+gigs and get more orders.

You can check this tips also .

Suggestions on behalf of FontHaunt: Posting about your need for Orders/Buyers? (feel free to refer to this post): If you are reading this now and you just posted or plan to post asking about more orders, your first order, no orders, how to get buyers, advice, or tips - check out these ideas. Every single day there are many posts just asking for tips on how to get orders. If you actually read the posts and answers, you’ll find that most of these people don’t have an unusual question or a specia…

Best Of Luck

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