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  1. They are working on it . Hope it will be fixed soon…
  2. They are fixing this problem . Hope it will be fixed soon .
  3. It is really good to know that you are working here from past 5 years …What do you mean by you were working on another account … You mean you are using two accounts ?
  4. To be frank, as I am a Fiverr seller I have to ensure my client 100% satisfaction 😍 Besides, some of the time they send to me a few texts, such as “pay” “@”. I know very well, this type of word FIVERR TOS not allowed. 😷 Thanks in advance Who told you that fiverr does not allow those words … You can read fiverr TOS and check which things are not allowed … When you will write those text fiverr just remind you that asking payment/contacting outside is not allowed in fiverr. Even you can send those texts if those are necessary and not violate fiverr TOS…
  5. Thanks for your advice… Hope you have applied that yourself … Now I can see everyone is giving advice , even who has only one review … …
  6. Yes, You can withdraw your revenue after 90 days . For that you have to contact fiverr CS .
  7. It is not necessary to match both info. But keep in mind that “one payment provider is for one fiverr account”… Nid can be different for both account…No problem… 😀
  8. If I copy your design and use it in my gig then you can simply report my gig …Or you can also contact fiverr support …You have two options … Fiverr may deny the gig and give warning to me… They also can disable my account for that(copyright infringement) …
  9. You can not delete your account permanently … You can deactivate it …Not sure that you can activate it after deactivate. For that you have to contact fiverr CS …
  10. Clearance time depends on seller level system …You can check fiverr seller level system here and the clearance time according to the level. https://www.fiverr.com/levels
  11. At first you should have a payoneer account and your bank account should be added with that payoneer account … Now how to transfer? You can click on the button called “earnings” then click on bank transfer … after clicking that you have to verify your number.After that You will get an email with a link . By clicking on that link you can add your payoneer account with your fiverr account … after adding your payoneer account when you will click again the bank transfer button , your available withdrawal funds will be transferred to your bank account that is connected with payoneer … That means , You can not directly transfer your money from fiverr to your bank account.You need payoneer account to do that.
  12. You can not change your username of fiverr account … This is the identity of every seller …
  13. One person one account …You are not allowed to create multiple accounts. It is against of fiverr TOS. You can read fiverr TOS here. https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service?source=footer
  14. check the email that is attached with your old fiverr account …If they have disabled your account for any reason they should sent email about that …And you can contact fiverr cs with your old email… Do not create multiple account.At first get the information why your account has been disabled … @bestintheword fiverr never disable any account for inactivity …
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