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“why am I not getting any orders” - Our advices and experiences

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So, let’s start.
At first, English is not our native language, so don’t judge us for verbal issues.

we’ve registered in Fiverr 2 month ago and now we have 19 completed orders(got first order the day after register), more than 500$+ revenue and waiting for next evaluation date (15 May) to become 1 Level author.
What we’ve done?!

  1. We’re always online as we can. When Pc is on, Fiverr is always open, when not, the mobile app is always switched on.
  2. We’ve searched and most needed gigs are in this category: singers-songwriters, voice-overs, visual effects, and video editing. So, we have added gigs about the singer and video editing. (if you check our profile, you’ll find that most popular in our profile is this 2 gig.)
  3. Always answer your customers fast, otherways you will lose them as we’ve lost several. (We’ve slept =D )

So, What do you need to get first order?! send every day your offers in “buyer request” section, stay online, try to upload short promo videos in every gig (for more impressions), which you will make.

Hope, this will work and help. Good luck

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