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The Importance of a Video


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Hello to all sellers!

Contay The Hero here with my insight on why it’s important to have a video. Although Fiverr tells you within the gig about the sales boost you will receive from placing a video explaining or showing your talent in action, I think they down played the percentage a little. Ok here goes. I was placed on the HOME PAGE for the first time about 5 months ago. Then I didn’t have a video but the comments on my Jingle Gig alone brought customers. It was an extremely significant amount but it was good business! Shortly after being taken down I put up a video of my talent in works. I mean I’m actually recording the track as the video plays. I’m an energetic guy so the consumer feels the emotion and the level of energy I put into my songs as an artist and it motivates them to buy my gig. I instantly started getting in orders here and there, but mind you I’m not back on the first page yet. Then Thanksgiving comes along and I go on a Family trip. And whilst driving along the road my phone starts to BLOW UP from emails raining down on gmail all containing Fiverr Congratulations! It was insane. My wife was answering the incoming messages as I drove our long 11 hour drive to Mississippi. After clearing out a few messages she mistakenly hits the home page on my Iphone, she’s use to huge androids, and saw me there…my video…my gig…looking right at her in all it’s beautiful glory. That Thanksgiving weekend was a busy one I must say 32 orders in 2 days. Luckily I was able to go into a studio there and record, mix, and deliver awesomeness between family visits. My mother is in the hospital so I didn’t really get to see anyone else or eat much I was delivering a lot of orders…all 32 was delivered within 1 week. And I now have 29 in the cue and counting. The simple fact that I had a passionate video boosted my sales over 200%. Waaaaaaaay more people have viewed my gig and others gigs I offered and I’ve satisfied many Fiverr buyers which in turn satisfies me to get such an awesome response for my passion. FIVERR YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! Now go record a passionate video and sell sell sell…and don’ forget to upsale. There is nothing wrong with suggesting extras…the more you make the more Fiverr can make and put into this awesome community! Thanks for reading and I wish you all a very happy holidays!


Contay The Hero

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