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Reinventing yourself


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When gigs start to slow down every now and again the best thing to do is reinvent yourself. Change your images, add an updated profile picture, add some new text, create a video…just change it up a little bit.

Buyers want to see that you care about your gigs, and that you are active on the site.

And if you have a great gift idea that can be shipped don’t hesitate to get it up here on Fiverr, because there are very few real gifts that are currently available, and it’s a great niche to get into where your gigs will be seen and bought.

Check out my vinyl sticker gig and give a fun stocking stuffer gift that you or a loved one can put on your car, boat, motorcycle, laptop, cell phone, wall…pretty much anywhere you can think of. Send me an image or some text or both and I will make a vinyl silhouette in any one of 12 colors.



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