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I have replied to buyer requests, yet have gotten no replies


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Hey everyone! As the title states, I have been having some issues when it comes to buyers responding to me (buyer requests). I am a new seller, though I’m not sure if this is the main reason why?

I make sure to personalize every one, here’s an example:
Hi, my name is Freya! I would love to turn your screen play into a novel. I apply a lot of sophisticated vocabulary, literature techniques, consistent organisation and grammar + spelling in my writing, Samples of my work can be found on my gig, but I’d be happy to share some more. Please contact me if interested, we can discuss an appropriate timeframe + budget, and if so - I look forward to working with you!

Any help is appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

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Hi @freyacreates,

I can’t say about your writing gig but as for the proofreading gig, I think you, being a new seller, are charging to high for the low amount of words you’re offering. Either increase the word count or lower your rate.

Also, please get rid of the unlimited revisions, it will only bring you headaches. If you want to give any, just give 1 for low word count.

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