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Freelancing .. Your strategy to follow

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Hello everyone. I know I may be new here on Fiverr.com, but I would like to introduce myself through an interesting topic that I wish to introduce.

I’ve been on the freelancing business for about 16 years as a software developer. After long time of such work, it’s important to conduct your working strategy which gives you the direction on how to work on freelancing business.

I found that the strategy you should follow on your freelancing business should be related to your own conditions. That really happened to me. Sometimes, I’m really interested in diving deep into development, getting big projects, work on deliveries on time, and on other time, I’m too lazy to get diving into such projects and I’m enough with some fixing and debugging tasks. On some other times, I may need to invest some time on my own projects, without being awarded by any client.

So, in all cases, you should not work in all directions at the same time, you should define your strategy for the current period. This will help you greatly in defining your objectives, your target clients you are looking for.

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