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  1. In addition to it's not allowed by Fiverr to share you email address, and Fiverr could ban your account. It's really good to keep talking to clients on Fiverr, because it's more safe for you. If you have problems with your client and you both asked for some dispute, then all discussion, attachements, delivered files will be available for Fiverr to handle and protect you. If you have such conversation on email address, Fiverr will not be able to protect you.
  2. Are you testing your app using a simulator device? Because simulator devices don’t receive OTP codes. You can setup a testing number on Firebase, or use a real device. But, in case of using a real device, too many times reception of OTP codes will cause service to delay messages.
  3. The Covid-19 has caused a strong change in the on-going business models. Some models have been shut down, and others were born. In this article, I will talk about two major business models that started to rise after the appearance of Covid-19. If you are a software developer (specifically, mobile app developer), you will find these models very common on Fiverr and other sites. You will find a lot of projects talking about the complete solution or even a part of it. The first business model is the E-Commerce, You can find many employers looking for freelancers that are working on this sector to implement a complete solution that allows customers to shop online, make orders, and receive deliveries. This model has a strong potential and mobile app developers should give more care about it. The second business model is the E-Learning, where people can get education services while they are staying at home. This also include video conferencing solutions implemented as part of the E-Learning systems.
  4. Staying at home with family, asking for some Pizza and nuts, watching movies like Home Alone. Merry Christmas.
  5. My advice to you is be more patient and try to satisfy her for the current job. For next jobs, you should start raising up your price. If she wants to get that effort, she should pay for this. Good luck.
  6. The main point here in Fiverr is that you are not doing proposals like other sites, you do it in different way, you write what you can do, and the you wait for customers. The secret may be in how do you write. I’ve created several gigs, deleted them, re-wrote again, until I got my first proposal. I may write more on this after some more experience.
  7. After long time from opening my Fiverr account, I got awarded. I’m an Android developer with 5 years of experience. I worked for about 5 years on other freelancing sites, but I always find the idea of Fiverr micro-freelancing very attractive, especially if you are a busy developer. I always like to do Android tasks in my free time with no long commitments. I signed up with Fiverr, but for long time never received any requests. Unlike other freelancing sites who are based on developers send proposals to clients, Fiverr is based on receiving orders from clients to micro-services offered by developers. Finally, I got the requests and I did two tasks from one customer very good. I’m happy with Fiverr, as an Android developer, you feel you can focus on what you can work on. For example, because I’m little bit busy on my daily life, I like to work on fixing code, adding small features to apps, and make little modifications. Quick tasks taking few hours, and then done. I liked to share this note with all newcomers on Fiverr, which may be useful to them. Best of luck for everyone.
  8. Hello everyone. I know I may be new here on Fiverr.com, but I would like to introduce myself through an interesting topic that I wish to introduce. I’ve been on the freelancing business for about 16 years as a software developer. After long time of such work, it’s important to conduct your working strategy which gives you the direction on how to work on freelancing business. I found that the strategy you should follow on your freelancing business should be related to your own conditions. That really happened to me. Sometimes, I’m really interested in diving deep into development, getting big projects, work on deliveries on time, and on other time, I’m too lazy to get diving into such projects and I’m enough with some fixing and debugging tasks. On some other times, I may need to invest some time on my own projects, without being awarded by any client. So, in all cases, you should not work in all directions at the same time, you should define your strategy for the current period. This will help you greatly in defining your objectives, your target clients you are looking for.
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