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Anyone please Help me out


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Hello Fiverr Community!

A fews days ago I am assigned for an order. I completed it before deadline. When i was working on this project buyer Did not respond me. Before deadline I deliver his project and sent him a note “If there any problem, please let me know”. When one more days to go to auto delivered he sent me revision request. I messaged him please active on Fiverr so that i could contact with you. Buyer said He is very busy. Then he wrote what i have to change. I messaged him but he did not see.

I revised my work and send him sample picture so that he can understand is it ok or not? Then i was waiting one day to get his response. After one day I sent Delivery again and wrote a note “please let me know if there any change needed”. One day later he cancelled my delivery. Now what can i do? 1625057708_ScreenShot2019-02-27at3_56_41AM.png.7024a605f1405a14e00bff88b181bdc2.png

Thank you.

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