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How Fiverr Changed My Life - For the better and for the second time


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When I first started out I was doing underpaid jobs on other freelancing platforms. It was a lot of work and a very low pay. I was still on my learning phase and I didn’t complain. I first read an ebook about fiverr success to understand the common mistakes new sellers make. Trying to make myself stand out from the crowd, I posted my first few gigs and started sending buyer requests.

Sure I got a few negatives at first like everyone else before I came to terms with the fact the client’s satisfaction comes first no matter what. When I started putting my clients interest first more that my extra unpaid hours put in and my own sleep and satisfaction - I finally started getting up the ladder.

Most clients would come back with more work. A $5 client would turn into a $100 one and I realized this is the way to go forward. I was skeptical when the new rules came in regarding level changes and I got demoted to a new seller myself from level 2. But I do think it was worth to keep the Fiverr’s standard up to make sure buyers come back to Fiverr. Fiverr’s model has been buyer friendly from the start and the new system filtered out inactive sellers or sellers that thought they are too experienced to be demoted.

Well I learned my lesson and moved up to level 2 again 🙂 And I can honestly say that as long as I comply with Fiverr’s rules and try my level best to give the buyers the highest level of satisfaction - Fiverr looks after me.

I restarted my then demoted account when I was practically broke, same as when I started all those years back as a new seller and in the first month I earned enough to stand firmly on my feet and build a whole new office corner in my room for my work.

So yeah, Fiverr did change my life for the better.

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