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How should I Improve my gig to get orders?


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Please also see my gig and tell me how should I improve that.

How likely do new sellers get orders?I have created 7 gigs… I keep online more than 6 hours but yes I don’t share on social media regularly and I don’t have patience either 😃

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Hello i hope you will find this helpful

Hello Fiverr community! My name is Maria and i am a photographer and photo editor/ graphic designer. I would like to share with you some tips for super gigs that i have noticed they worked for me and also other sellers. Check them out and dont hesitate to add some of your tips down below! So my tips are: Make a little research about the hastags you should use. Find a smart, nice, clear, small title for your gig. Keep it simple! Evaluate your work objectively. Dont overprice but also don…

Good luck
Maria S.

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