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Can we all message support to get the new review system changed back?


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I understand that every time a change is made, there will be complaints. Everyone will not be happy, like with the seller level system that works but isn’t perfect or the newly updated chat system which personally I love but which I understand some people are experiencing issues with. That’s probably unavoidable with any change.

But as we all know based on the forum threads (this one is my favorite, it never ends: Blind Reviews & The Day I Started Censoring Myself ) the new blind review system is one of the most unprofessional and backwards-thinking changes I’ve seen in my life. That kind of system may work for the likes of Uber or Airbnb where the buyer and seller have to trust each other equally before giving the other access to their personal property. But a freelance site like Fiverr? This is wrong on so many levels and a massive slap in the face of all good sellers.

I get where it came from: they want more unbiased feedback and they want to crack down on sellers who manipulate buyers into changing reviews. At least that’s what Support told me when I messaged them yesterday.

But they need to decide what matters the most. Personally, if I’m to stay at Fiverr I want a safe, fun and productive environment which is what I originally fell in love with on the site. The new change provides the opposite.

Support also told me that they take feedback seriously and that my comments would be forwarded to the product team who will review all of our feedback, but that at the moment the new review system is here to stay. I’ve worked in customer service my whole adult life and know that one or two negative comments will receive a polite response but not trigger any particular action. And I don’t know how much attention the product team pays to the forum. But what if many of us express our frustration, not just here on the forum? Here’s the link to contact support: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new?source=footer

I feel like some rebel or defiant child posting this, but Fiverr is my sole income and this has such a stressful and negative effect on so many of us that I feel like something has to be done. I wouldn’t stay at a toxic work place, so why stay at a toxic freelance site? I refuse to work in a place that denies me tools to have a good, professional and personal relation with my customers and the ability to address any negative feedback, and where I feel like I’m being micromanaged by a tyrant boss 😦

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