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The New Review Process is Brilliant! Thanks Fiverr!


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Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised. Fiverr! You guys are brilliant!

My order is marked complete and I’m leaving the first review. I am curious though? Does the seller have to mark the order “complete” in order for the review to “be triggered” or show up? When the seller doesn’t leave any review and the order is automatically marked complete does it allow us to leave a review?

I personally think this is great. You know when you are dealing with a great experience with a buyer and you know when you are dealing with a bad experience with a bad buyer. I’m glad it gives us the first say. The buyers that are abusive to begin with (You get one every blue moon) do their best to smear you and it’s good to have the first say.

I think this will encourage buyers to leave reviews, especially Newbie Fiverr buyers who many times don’t know how to leave a review.

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