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Very new, but want to improve in anyway I can


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I love writing. The sillier and more mismatched, ever the more fun for me. The first gig I created was related to these silly pictures with text I make. Essentially, it started with me taking a picture of my friend’s dog, then overlaying a dark soliloquy. Then friends would send me some pictures to do one of their pets and then I would just let inspiration strike. I’ve done about 12 so far, but it’s been about a month since my last one; I just haven’t been motivated/inspired. There is just something about someone wanting you to soliloquize their pet that just makes all the worth while and makes the final product ever so better.

I’m not going to sit here and say that the money isn’t a factor; it is, but not in the way you’d expect. The idea of someone being interested in my work that they’d be willing to pay for yet, regardless of how small, makes me giddy. I’m not in need of extra funds. I just want to spread my silly little art form to people and see if I can get a few smiles out of it, from customers and from myself.

I have made some other gigs that center around writing. I tried to make them fun, but, admittedly, they a bit more mundane. I reason that they could potentially bring more people to my profile, who may then, in turn, become interested in my fun gig.

Again, I’m new, so I am not sure if I’m doing anything right or doing anything wrong. Regardless, I’d appreciate any help anyone would like to offer to see if I can started having fun with my silly art form again.

Thank you.

Link to my profile.

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